The Dual Trap: Athlon MP 2000+ vs. Xeon 2200

3D-Rendering: Newtek Lightwave 7b

In the Lightwave benchmark, which is optimized for Intel architecture, the dual Xeon takes top position. The AMD Athlon MP comes up significantly shorter, due to the lack of optimization.

3D Rendering: Cinema 4D XL 7.303

The Cinema benchmark reveals a different picture: it's a very close race between the two rivals. However, Intel is working on an optimization that is supposed to give both the Pentium 4 and the Xeon a significant boost.

3D Rendering: 3D Studio Max 4.2

With the continuing launch of new versions, the increase in fps has slowed. With the AMD Athlon MP 2000+, the performance just barely manages to increase by 12.9%. With the Xeon 2200, it's 23.9%