Duel of the Titans: Opteron vs. Xeon

Impressions Of The Opteron Server - A THG Video Download

It's been so long coming that you just might not believe it is here, yet. So, in order to give you a real first look at Opteron, as epitomized by the server system in the THG lab, we've created a short video clip for you to download.

It'll give you a real flavor of what we've been dealing with, and it should satisfy the most ardent AMD fans that have been anticipating the arrival of Opteron. In order to make the video quality nearly optimal in relationship to the data rate, the video was encoded in MPEG-4 format, just like previous THG videos, and compressed using a ZIP packer.

The new video can be downloaded here:

Server 1
Server 2
Server 3

Requirements For Video Playback

The small file size and data rate of the THG video comes at the cost of high processor performance. You must have the DivX Codec, version 5.03, installed on your PC system.

The latest codec can be downloaded from DivX.com and it's the only way to playback the video. The audio signal was compressed in MP3 format, and because this codec is included in most versions of Windows already, you don't need any special drivers.