Extreme Modding: When The Computer Makes Coffee

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One of a kind among mod PCs: built into the computer case is a fully functional espresso and coffee maker, including kettle, brewing unit, reservoir for espresso beans, water pump and grinder. The components interface via a data bus.

Acquiring all the components for the espresso machine proved to be challenging, especially because the parts all had to be professional quality, worthy of restaurant espresso machines. After several auctions, René managed to obtain the water pump, brewing unit, hoses, cables and kettle; he even rustled up a stainless steel adjustable grinder. One difficulty still stood in the way, however: the motors for the water pump and grinder were designed for 400V 3-phase AC operation, but the computer was planned to run on standard 230V current. The solution came in the form of condensers, which when coupled allowed for a 2-phase layout.

Before assembling the components, René had to clean and prepare everything, which took over 10 hours of his time. In many cases he had to improvise, since there was little room in the tight PC case for standard espresso machine components. These include the reservoir for the whole espresso beans, and the holding tray for the coffee grounds. The former was solved by means of a large plastic bottle, the bottom of which was unceremoniously removed. For the holding tray, an additional container had to suffice.

The spout for the coffee is in the front of the case - here it is just being poured.

  • tonyp12
    Nothing special, it just parts of an idustrual coffe-exprssos machine moved to a ugly talll pc case.

    If it was a gizmo that used three 5.25 bays and still let you keep the case
    as a computer when we are talking.
  • neiroatopelcc
    Well I'm quite sure ya could fit a slim notebook's internals into the case, if you were willing to lengthen wires and such.