Extreme Modding: When The Computer Makes Coffee

Do-it-yourself PC: 80 Hours Of Work To Make A Masterpiece

We all know that some people are never satisfied; earthly goods and material accumulations fade when faced with the force of their destinies, though admittedly, this only occurs in particularly grave cases. The most visible symptom of this phenomenon among PC enthusiasts is an insatiable hunger for something special to differentiate themselves from the masses.

Those computer users unfortunate enough to spend a large portion of their free time pursuing their addiction are easy to spot. Give them a water-cooling system, and in no time at all they want to upgrade to a compressor cooler. Sell them a high-grade PC case, and they want more color LEDs to light up in the dark. Or perhaps they treat themselves to SLI dual-card graphics, only to suddenly find that they long for a quieter system. If all else fails, they move all the components into some exotic enclosure, such as a beer keg or an aquarium - filled with liquid, of course!

René G. from Munich, Germany, is one of these individuals, a tinkerer and inventor to whom performance and visual style alone have long ago ceased to be sufficient. As a passionate coffee drinker, René G. set a difficult goal for himself, one that took him nearly 80 hours to achieve: through laborious and precise work, he was able to convert a coffee maker into a standard PC shell. A case of extreme modding, if you will. He invested over $3,000 into the components alone.

If you find all this hard to believe, just watch THG Video Number 16 .

Coffee from a computer, at the push of a button, in 40 seconds!

  • tonyp12
    Nothing special, it just parts of an idustrual coffe-exprssos machine moved to a ugly talll pc case.

    If it was a gizmo that used three 5.25 bays and still let you keep the case
    as a computer when we are talking.
  • neiroatopelcc
    Well I'm quite sure ya could fit a slim notebook's internals into the case, if you were willing to lengthen wires and such.