Extreme Modding: When The Computer Makes Coffee

Conclusion: A Unique Mod That Sets New Standards

Even we were amazed at this idea: A PC-tinkerer and coffee connoisseur spent 80 hours of his time building this system. The final result is an outstanding espresso machine that would convince even the most discriminating coffee drinker. This coffee system in a PC case is one of a kind, a far cry from the normal hardware store variety. It makes sumptuous coffee or espresso and outperforms high end machines from Jura or Saeco costing up to $1,500.

Of course to duplicate this machine, you could have problems obtaining all the components. Most parts were bought from an online auction house over a long period of time. Altogether, they cost nearly $3,000.

The coffee beans in the PC and in the reservoir are full. One espresso, please!

The system performance is worth mentioning: every 40 seconds it makes a cup of coffee, so theoretically that's 2,160 cups in the course of the day! Thanks to the high quality mechanics there shouldn't be any problems.

And the moral of this project? There are always the few who have everything, yet are continually looking for something new. For these people, cost doesn't matter - what's important is that it is complicated and self-made. After all, they want to stand out from the masses.

  • tonyp12
    Nothing special, it just parts of an idustrual coffe-exprssos machine moved to a ugly talll pc case.

    If it was a gizmo that used three 5.25 bays and still let you keep the case
    as a computer when we are talking.
  • neiroatopelcc
    Well I'm quite sure ya could fit a slim notebook's internals into the case, if you were willing to lengthen wires and such.