Fast and Inexpensive - Promise's FastTrak66 IDE RAID-Controller

The Benchmark Results - Winbench Disk Winmarks

The Disk Winmarks don't show as much of a performance difference between the different stripe configurations as the transfer rate did. This is mainly because data access time comes into play and this value doesn't get improved by RAID 0.

You can see however that mirroring can indeed cost some performance. The Highend Disk Winmark runs quite a bit slower on the 2x2 mirror/stripe than the pure stripe of two.

Looking at the above numbers shows that mirroring indeed shortens the access time. This is because data gets read from the one of the two mirror disks that can supply the data faster. You also see that striping doesn't do much about the access time, as from a single drive over the x2 and x3 to the stripe of four the access time stays almost identical.

FastTrak66's CPU utilization is very low and obviously depending on the amount of data that is transported. It was taken at full load in each of the cases.