Fujitsu's Silent Strike: The MAM3184MP With Ultra160 and 15,000 rpm

Noise Level: No Louder Than 10,000 Rpm Drives

Fujitsu has managed to do it - the MAM series is the first to offer models that are not unbearably loud, so it can definitely be recommended for workstation use. Using noise reduction materials, you can minimize the noise generated by the computer to the extent that you won't even hear a difference between this drive and a standard IDE model! Fujitsu did a good job in this regard.

Technical Data

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Fujitsu MAM3184MP
Capacity18.4 / 36.8 GB
Rotation speed15,000 rpm
Seek Time3.5 ms
Cache Memory8096 kB
Warranty3 years

It bears mentioning that the drive is 1 inch in height, which has been standard for many years now. Particularly in the high-end section, there are still some drives that require 1.5" drive bays and thus require two conventional drive bays. This is particularly interesting for systems that have to make do with limited space (e.g. 1U modules).

For detailed information about this drive, refer to Fujitsu's website: .