Fujitsu's Silent Strike: The MAM3184MP With Ultra160 and 15,000 rpm

Application Performance


We measured the surface temperature after one hour of operation. The MAM drive heated up to 49°C, which may sound high, but this is actually quite a good result when you consider the high rotation speed. Since the temperatures inside the drive are usually much higher, we recommend that you use at least a small fan to keep the drive alive.

Noise Level

Our noise level measurements gave us quite a surprise: 55 dB(A), a result that we didn't believe was correct at first. Was the drive actually running? It was. This result means that technically, this drive is not louder than high performance IDE drives running at half the rotation speed (7,200 rpm).

However, the noise that is produced by 15,000 rpm drives is subjectively more annoying, as the frequencies are higher. So in the end, this drive is still at the noise level of 10,000 rpm drives!