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Study: A Look At Hard Drive Reliability In Russia

Results And Conclusions


Hitachi manufacturers the safest and most reliable hard drives, according to the Storelab study. Of the more than 200 Hitachi hard drives received, not a single one had failed due to manufacturing or design errors. All failures were due to physical impacts caused by the users. Adding the highest average lifespans and the best relationship between failures and market share, Hitachi can be regarded as the winner here. But don't take that as a blanket to cover the whole storage market. It's only the case in this study, which we've already said several times is extremely limited. With that said, research data covering the hard drive market is sparse, which is why this study remains interesting. The study is limited to a specific market segment in Eastern Europe, and only includes drives that were analyzed at Storelab. In it, we have user-triggered failures, as well as design failures.

What Does the Study Mean for the Average Consumer?

Our recommendations focus mainly on avoiding issues due to mechanical damage and high temperatures. If you have a hard drive from one of the manufacturers in this article installed in your computer, perhaps you should take a look at the results and consider whether you need to be more cautious and modify your installation. Using anti-vibration parts (like rubber grommets) when mounting the hard drive, monitoring its temperatures, using adequate cooling, and handling it carefully can make a big difference in reliability and durability. If you know the weaknesses of the manufacturers, you also know what preventative measures you can leverage to keep your own storage safe.

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