High-Flying: AMD Athlon XP 3200+ Squares Off Against Intel P4 3 GHz

Obscure Model Numbering, Continued

The third diagram again shows the percentage difference between the model numbering and the actual core clock. The Athlon XP 3200+ has the greatest gap - 31 percent.

Customers will see the CPU through different eyes. They'll assume that the "3200+" has some bearing on the chip's actual performance. As such, you shouldn't be surprised if one of your friends picks up a box with the label "3200" at the store and brags to you that he, or she, has the fastest computer.

Wafer with Barton CPUs: if everything works out right, AMD can produce 163 Barton Athlons from a single wafer, according to THG's internal calculations and data provided by experts.
CPU core Barton Thoroughbred "B" Thoroughbred "A" Palomino Thunderbird
Wafer surface (200 mm diameter) 31416 mm² 31416 mm² 31416 mm² 31416 mm² 31416 mm²
Die surface 101 mm² 84 mm² 80 mm² 128 mm² 128 mm²
Process technology 0.13 µm 0.13 µm 0.13 µm 0.18 µm 0.18 µm
Waste (approx) 18% 18% 18% 18% 18%
Yield (theoretical) 255 units/wafer 306 units/wafer 322 units/wafer 201 units/wafer 201 units/wafer
Yield (at 60% yield rate) 153 units/wafer 183 units/wafer 193 units/wafer 120 units/wafer 120 units/wafer
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