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High-End Gear: HP Photosmart 7960 and Scanjet 4600


HP is the flavor of the year. It's hardly an exaggeration to say they have cornered innovation, leaving the competition floored and with no alternative but to imitate. This had already begun years ago with the integrated paper sensor, and it will be the same with the new features and cunning ergonomics on the two new flagships, photosmart 7960 and scanjet 4600.

Put simply, the photosmart 7960 is a nearly perfect printer for those who want gorgeous photos, corrected more than retouched, without the bother of complicated software. In fact, apart from storing photos on a hard drive, it does away with the need for a computer altogether.

As for the scanjet 4600, it is just about the most impressive and attractive scanner released in a long while. Its transparency gives a whole new edge to the genre and everyone falls for it.

But do they perform as well as they look?