Hop To It: Kanguru Micro Drive With USB 2.0

Size Comparison: 1-0 For Axis/Hana Micron

Next to a Nokia mobile phone, the Axis Mobile Disk from Hana Micro is impressively compact. At just 8.2 cm, it's not much larger than a AA battery. In fact, it couldn't be more practical. The only thing to watch out for is that you don't lose it.

Interactive Media Corporation: Kanguru Micro Drive USB 2.0

The Kanguru drive also comes with a small neck strap, despite not being so comfortable around your neck as the Axis. It will even go unnoticed under a shirt.

Naturally, delivery includes a driver CD and an extension cable. If all the USB ports are on the back of the computer, you just have to plug in the cable once, eliminating the tedious scramble under the desk every time.

Test Setup

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Test System
ProcessorIntel Pentium 4, 2.0 GHz, 256 kB L2-Cache (Willamette)
MotherboardIntel D845EBT, 845E Chipset
RAM256 MB DDR/PC2100, CL2, Infineon
IDE Controlleri845E UltraDMA/100-Controller (ICH4)
Graphics CardNVIDIA GeForce2 MX 400
Network Card3COM 905TX PCI 100 MBit
OSWindows XP Pro 5.10.2600Service Pack 1
Benchmarks & Tests
Office ApplicationsZD WinBench 99 - Business Disk Winmark 2.0
High-end ApplicationsZD WinBench 99 - Highend Disk Winmark 2.0
Performance BenchesHD Tach 2.61,PC Mark 2002 (HD Test)
I/O PerformanceIntel I/O Meter
Drivers & Settings
Graphics DriverNVIDIA reference driver 41.09
IDE DriverIntel Application Accelerator 2.3
DirectX Version9.0
Resolution1024 x 768, 16 bit, 85 Hz refresh