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IDE-RAID With Notebook Drives: Quick And Quiet

Read Burst At 102.8 MB/s

The Read Burst Performance is nothing more than the maximum transfer rate (in MB/s) that can be delivered by the drive or the RAID array. This data is usually read directly from the drive's buffer memory. IBM's DeskStar GXP seems to use faster memory chips, as the performance is faster by about 10 MB/s. The RAID array does double this value, but performance increases only by 60%.

Access Time: Clearly Lags Behind Desktop Drives

The access time of the RAID 0 array is a bit quicker than that of a single notebook drive. Still, it is a far cry from the excellent results of the DeskStar 60GXP.

It should be mentioned that these results do not reflect the seek time that is usually advertised by manufacturers and computer shops, but the real access time. It includes head positioning and rotational latency, and this takes considerably longer than the theoretical time it needs to locate data.