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IDE-RAID With Notebook Drives: Quick And Quiet

Business & HighEnd Disk WinBench 99

Basically, both the Business and the HighEnd Disk WinBench 99 belong to the system benchmark WinStone 99. Here, the benchmark evaluates how long the system/ drive is occupied with the delegated tasks. In the end, you get a value that is useful for drive comparisons.

While a single MHN2150AT or MHN2300AT cannot possibly keep pace with the fast IBM DeskStar 60GXP, the application performance clearly increases in both benchmark runs. Still, the access time has quite a big impact on the result, as the pure data transfer rate is at the same level as the desktop drive. With frequent random access, notebook drives are clearly slower.

CPU Load: Exemplary

The IBM desktop drive evidently plays in a completely different league, but these performance numbers are brought about by a CPU load that is six times higher than the load of the 2.5" drives: 6.7% vs. less than 1%. Of course, this does not really have an impact with today's processing power, but it shows very clearly that a fast IDE drive really works the CPU!