Intel Beats AMD To 2 GHz

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The Pentium 4 processors released today at 1.9 and 2 GHz core clock are the last ones that are using the 0.18 micron 'Willamette' core. The next Pentium 4 processor, which is supposed to arrive in another couple of months as a 2.2 or 2.3 GHz version, will be equipped with the 0.13 micron core 'Northwood'. This new core will come with several enhancements of which only the increased 512 kB L2-cache size is known right now. It's the main reason why Intel 'invented' Socket478. Initially, Northwood was supposed to be launched at 2 GHz today, but good yields of Willamette at 2 GHz plus problems with Intel's 0.13 micron process delayed this launch.


This time I decided against a major benchmarking battle, because the only thing we need to see is if Pentium 4 2 GHz is able to beat AMD's current top-notch processor Athlon 1400.

Benchmark Setup

Intel Pentium 4
CPU Intel Pentium 4 1500 MHz (400 MHz QDR FSB)
Intel Pentium 4 1700 MHz (400 MHz QDR FSB)
Intel Pentium 4 1800 MHz (400 MHz QDR FSB)
Intel Pentium 4 2000 MHz (400 MHz QDR FSB)
Motherboard ASUS P4T BIOS: 1005 BETA 5
Memory 256 MB RD-RAM (SAMSUNG)
CPU AMD Athlon 1200 MHz (266 MHZ DDR)
AMD Athlon 1333 MHz (266 MHZ DDR)
AMD Athlon 1400 MHz (266 MHZ DDR)
Motherboard MSI MS-6341 Ver.: 1
BIOS Version 1.1
Memory 2x 128 MB DDR-SDRAM, CL2, PC2100, Micron
Common Hardware
Graphics Card GeForce 2 Ultra
Memory: 64 MB DDR-SDRAM
Memory Clock: 458,2 MHz
Chip Clock: 250,0 MHz
Hard Disk 30 GB (IBM 307030)
UDMA100 7200 rpm 2 MB Cache
Driver and Software
IDE (Intel) Intel Chipset Installation Utility Production Release V3.00.029
IAA Version 3.1.2017.0
AGP (Intel) Intel Ultra ATA Storage Driver Production Release v6.10.011
IDE (AMD) VIA 4 in 1 Version 4.32 FINAL
AGP (AMD) Miniport Treiber 4.80 (Win98SE)
Miniport Driver 5.22 (Win2K)
Graphics Driver Detonator 4 Serie V12.40
DirectX Version 8.0a
OS Windows 2000 Pro SP2 (Build 2195)
Windows 98 SE, Version 4.10.2222 A
Benchmarks and Settings
Quake III Arena Retail Version 1.16
command line = +set cd_nocd 1 +set s_initsound 0
Graphics detail set to 'Normal'
Benchmark using 'Q3DEMO1'
SPECViewPerf Version 6.1.2
3DMark2001 Version 1.1 default
SiSoft Sandra 2001 SE Pro
CINEMA 4D CineBench R6
Aquamark v2.1 DirectX 8, T&L, Pixel & Vertex Shader
Pixel Shader = NO
mpeg4 encoding Flask V0.6
DivX V3.22b
Compression: 100
Data Rate: 1500 kbit
720x576 Pixel, 25 fps
Deinterlace (slow)
HQ Bicubic FIltering
no Audio
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