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Web Browser Grand Prix 3: IE9 Enters The Race

Performance Benchmarks: Page Load Times

As a result of requests from our readers sending in feedback, we've moved the Page Load Times test Web pages from the local hard drive of the test machine to a networked Web server. This makes the test environment much more applicable to the real world, yet still avoids the unexpected variability encountered when measuring page load times from live sites.


Good old Firefox 3.6 is still the fastest Web browser when it comes to loading the world's most frequented Web page, Microsoft's brand new IE 9 takes a second-place finish, followed by Opera and Safari. Surprisingly, Google's own Chrome is the slowest Web browser to load its own page.


IE9 wins again, loading YouTube nearly 200 milliseconds before second-place finisher, Opera. Firefox, Chrome, and Safari come in third, fourth, and fifth, respectively.


Google Chrome finally has a win here in WBGP3, beating Microsoft's latest by less than a hair. Safari places a respectable third, while Firefox and Opera bring up the rear, more than 400 milliseconds later than Safari.


Internet Explorer 9 again takes the top spot, with arch-rival Firefox only ten milliseconds in tow. Chrome and Safari fill the third and fourth spot, with Opera trailing behind them by over 400 milliseconds


IE9 kills the competition, loading Twitter in 286.2 milliseconds. Second-place finisher Safari takes nearly 450 ms to finish this test. Opera, Chrome, and Firefox round out the rankings.