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iSCSI The Open-E Way

Feature Table

DataCore SANmelody 2.0Open-E iSCSI Enterprise 1.51
SolutionSoftware solution. Requires Windows XP or Windows Server and .net FrameworkLinux based software on a Flash storage module, using UltraATA/100
ApplicationDedicated or shared storage serverDedicated storage server
InfrastructureEthernet, Fibre ChannelEthernet, Fibre Channel
iSCSI Accelerator support, 10 GbE supportAll hardware with Windows driversChelsio 10 GbE
RAID supportAll RAID hardware with Windows drivers, Windows software RAIDMost cards from AMCC/3Ware, Adaptec, ICP Vortex, Intel, LSI Logic. Software RAID support.
Network card supportAll hardware with Windows driversMultiple cards
Fibre Channel HBA supportAll hardware with Windows driversEmulex, Qlogic
Multilane support / load balancingMicrosoft Multipath I/Oyes
Data security featuresIPsec, Secure LUN allocation, iSCSI CHAP, asynchronous IP replicationIPsec, iSCSI target passwords, iSCSI CHAP
Fault toleranceAuto failover option based on SANmelody disk serversSecondary HBA takeover
Snapshot supportComplete image, image update, source update. Can be triggered by Windows Volume Shadow CopyComplete image with scheduling
Storage volume featuresBased on Windows Server 2003 Storage Services. Virtual Disks, Volume Shadow Copies, Multipath I/O Auto provisioning (dynamic allocation of storage)Multiple volume grouping, online volume expansion
Performance featuresI/O read and write caching using system RAMno information found
AdministrationMicrosoft Management Console, rights controlled by OSSSL web interface, multiple access levels
UPS supportyes, based on OS and UPSYes, with SNMP network shutdown
Email notificationyesyes
Multi processor support1, 2, or 4 (depending on software package)up to eight logical processors
Hardware Requirementsx86 PC, 300+ MHz, 512 MB RAM, 65 MB disk space, network cardx86 PC, 1.4+ GHz recommended, 512 MB RAM, RAID controller recommended, network card
Software RequirementsWindows XP Home/Pro or Windows Server 2003 with .net FrameworkNone