Joysticks For Flight Simulation: Using A Lever To Fly A Plane!

Logitech Extreme Digital 3D

Logitech's Extreme Digital 3D joystick is a relatively old model, but the company has no intention of introducing a new range before next year. In comparison to the other joysticks, its grey-and-blue color scheme seems rather dreary. On the other hand, the Star Trek-style design is quite appealing. The shape of the shaft is good, as is the handling, but the smooth plastic material does not have a nice feel to it. The throttle, directional hat and buttons are easy to use without straining the thumb. The movement of the shaft is perfect. Nor is there anything bad to say about the rudder function. As for the throttle, it is by far the most ergonomically sound of all the joysticks we tested. The movement is accurate to the nearest millimeter.

The other buttons on the base are also easily accessible. Since this model has been on the market for a rather long time, it can be connected to a PC via either the game port or the USB, an important advantage for those using older PCs. Logitech drivers are unified and easy to install. You will still have to calibrate your joystick manually, however. Here again, it shows its age. However, it is still recognized without a driver when running under Windows 2000 and Windows XP, and under its own name! When used with a flight simulator, the Logitech stick is very accurate and is as good as Microsoft's. The Extreme Digital is thus to be recommended, especially as it is such good value for the price of about $35.