King Of Capacity: DiamondMax 80

Benchmarks: Disk Access Time

In Windows 2000, the DiamondMax 80's access time is excellent. Under Windows 98, all 7.200 rpm drives are faster. However, the 80 GB drive is still faster than the Western Digital 45 GB drive .

Naturally, a 5.400 rpm disk drive has to have higher access times than 7.200 or faster models. The reason is quite simple: After the drive located the desired location on the platter (the right cylinder), it will position the read/write heads. Before data can be read or written, the proper sector has to pass underneath the heads. Naturally, a faster spinning drive will have shorter delays.

Many people believe that drives with huge capacities have to have longer access times. Actually, the access time practically does harly differ within a drive family. For example, those DiamondMax drives are available with 2, 3 or 4 platters, resulting in capacities of 40, 60 or 80 GB. Adding another platter does not increase the search distances, since every platter has its own heads.

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