Locking Down Your Passwords with KeePass

Making The Safe Portable: Iomega Micro Mini USB 2.0

We wanted to use the smallest USB flash drive possible for the portable password safe project. As far as we know, Iomega's Micro Mini USB 2.0 flash drive is the smallest model available. Due to its small dimensions, the Micro Mini USB 2.0 is only available with capacities of 64 MB and 128 MB. The included clip makes it easy to attach it to your bunch of keys.

After copying the KeePass files onto the USB drive you will simply need to execute KeePass.exe in order to launch the program. If kdb file types are registered with KeePass on your computer, you can of course click them directly to start KeePass and get the master password prompt. Otherwise you will have to open the database file manually.

Iomega provides protective covers in three different colors.