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Logitech G610 Orion Brown Keyboard Review

Our Verdict

A more familiar alternative for those who like Logitech’s keyboards but not their switches, the G610 offers a sleek look for those not too concerned with all the bells and whistles of more expensive keyboards.


  • Fairly sturdy construction
  • Simple, unassuming looks
  • Very stable, does not move around at all


  • Keycaps are mediocre at best
  • Confused styling
  • Limited features
  • Only available with MX Red or Brown
  • Cannot be disassembled readily

Features & Specifications

Logitech’s G610 Orion Brown is a slightly overhauled version of an otherwise familiar product. Although it looks almost identical to the more upmarket G810 Orion Spectrum and the older G610 Orion Spectrum, the Orion Brown is somewhat different in its approach to gaming, focusing more on switches and economy and less on backlighting. As a result, it’s a move back into more conservative territory for those who didn’t like Logitech’s new Romer-G switches and those who don’t care too strongly for RGB backlighting.


Apart from a warranty slip and a virtually useless manual, the G610 Orion Brown doesn’t come with any extra items out of the box. There are several extra functions present on the keyboard itself, including a gaming lock button that disables certain keys such as the Windows keys, a button that adjusts the brightness of the backlighting, and a cluster of media buttons including a rather efficient volume roller. A mute button is also included, although this doesn’t mute your microphone, but rather your speakers - personally, I feel the former would’ve been more useful.

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There are no passthrough ports, nor is there any sort of cable routing trough on the bottom of the keyboard.

The entire chassis is plastic, which is normally not ideal, but Logitech has done as fine a job with it as possible. The top panel is matte black, and the bottom has a striking matte-and-gloss striped pattern. Unlike some keyboards that come to a sharp edge at the front, the G610 is basically a box. The sides are equal all the way around and are made of shiny black plastic. Both the matte and shiny finishes, each in their own way, tend to attract fingerprints.

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As the case is closed around the sides rather than open, and the mounting plate is matte black, little light can escape from underneath the keycaps. Moreover, the monochrome white light combined with the sleek, flat, all-black chassis gives the keyboard a rather simple, unassuming look that wouldn’t look out of place in an office setting.

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