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Market Survey, Part 2: Six Premium Pentium 4 LGA775 Boards

Gigabyte GA-8AENXP-DW, Continued

The "Easy Tune 5" tool makes overclocking and monitoring of the most important motherboards parameters no problem.

Gigabyte furnishes its board with the AR2414 WLAN module from Atheros.

Gigabyte builds in the Promise PDC20779, which offers the full functionality of the SATA II standard.

The Sil3114 from Silicon Image provides four more SATA connections, allowing the board to run up to 14 separate drives!

The IDE to SATA adapter allows you to run an IDE hard drive off a SATA connection.

A pair of Marvell Gigabit LAN chips hooked up via PCI-Express let you connect to two networks.