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Mechanical Keyboards: BlackWidow, Osmium, G710+

Keyboard Scoring And Final Recommendations

It’d be easy to say the choice between these keyboards rests upon your own specific set of preferences. While that is somewhat true, at least on paper, we feel that Gigabyte has the superior offering here. To visualize the results, we've created a geometric mean of the three objective tests: key rollover, noise level, and actuation force.

While the Logitech G710+ is quieter, the Osmium packs a few more features, has the lowest actuation force, and it can handle a ridiculous number of simultaneous key presses. The Gigabyte board again manages to edge out the G710+ with a few additional macros and audio port extensions for easy access. Its construction is solid and the blue lighting is very easy on the eyes during those long late night gaming sessions, which overall leads to a pretty luxurious user experience. The fact that the $130 Aivia Osmium is the cheapest of the three keyboards being compared today, didn't exactly hurt either, and that's why we're giving the Gigabyte Aivia Osmium our Smart Buy award.

But then again, peripherals aren't core components, so personal opinion can easily sway any buyer. Today's key rollover testing, for instance, doesn't really matter in most normal use cases, and ghosting is likewise a non-issue for these boards. Since a single human being typically only has ten fingers, the ability to recognize more than ten simultaneous key presses is now largely just a marketing race, where the ultimate goal is simply to get the highest possible number printed on your product's packaging. All that being said, should you actually enjoy the thunderous clickety-clack of yesteryear, along with a stiffer keystroke, the recommendation would completely shift in favor of the $140 Razer BlackWidow Ultimate 2013 - what can we say, diff'rent strokes!