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Multi-purpose Printers: Canon i450 and i470D

Conclusion, Continued

Canon i550

The i550 is holding out. It's still around in the stores, but its days are numbered. It's more expensive than the i450 and the quality isn't quite as good. There's no justification in choosing it unless you come across a close-out sale. Otherwise, hold out for a few more months; Canon will soon be unveiling its replacement. (Read our previous review .)

Canon i850

We loved it a few months ago, and there's no reason to change our judgment. Especially as the price has just been reduced for the first time. It's very fast, the print quality rivals that of photo printers and it is very economical with ink. We ought to add that it is quiet. It has a few faults, however. There is no digital paper analysis similar to that of comparable HP and Lexmark models, the colors fade with time if the photos are exposed to the air, and it is beginning to date.

Canon i470D

Overall, were a little disappointed by the i470D. Admittedly, the print quality is better than average, but it just falls short of the mark compared to the i450, the mechanisms of which it continues to use. And it's too expensive for the speed of output.