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Multi-purpose Printers: Canon i450 and i470D


Canon i250

The i250 is inexpensive, but it is also the most limited of all the Canon printers, in the sense that it cannot produce a bleed and will not print unless the paper tray is attached. If that doesn't bother you, you can happily go for it.

Canon i350

The i350 is just like the i250 but a little faster when printing from the paper tray and without a margin. However, we wouldn't recommend it. If today, in mid-July, it seems to be well positioned, this won't be the case in August when the new HP range comes out. It will then be confronted with a competitor that is a much better printer in numerous respects. But it's too soon to talk about that.

Canon i450

So it's true. The i450 is a lighter, slower version of the i850, less expensive to buy, very good in photo mode and a little more expensive in terms of ink. So it's a very good choice for anyone who wants a low-priced printer for producing text and photos, though in small quantities.