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Multi-purpose Printers: Canon i450 and i470D

Black And White Photo Quality

Original photo actual sizeOriginal photo enlarged 3x

Compare these with the quality of prints from Epson, HP and Lexmark printers .

Just as in color printing, the i450, i470D and i850 generate better results than the others, especially, once again, the i450 and i850, which produce prints in which the ink droplets are not visible.

This time, the color rendering differs slightly. Prints made on the i250 and i350 tend to be very slightly red, but not seriously so.

Color Photo Speed

The red bars indicate the time needed for printers to produce a 10 x 15-cm photo in "minutes: seconds, tenths of a second." The shorter the scores, the better.

As in the previous color speed test, the i550 and i850 are on one side, all the rest are on the other.

It might be a surprise to see the i250 and i350 finishing before the i450 and i470D. But don't forget that the print quality is not the same. Some prioritize speed, others quality.