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Multifunction Printers Under $150

Performance Tests

Printing speed text mode (in ppm)
ModelDraft modeNormal mode
Canon Pixma MP5108.56.3
Dell AIO 926 Photo14.38.7
Epson Stylus CX600012.52.6
HP Photosmart C418014.66.2
Lexmark X547010.56.2
Printing speed, mixed text and graphics (in ppm)
Canon Pixma MP51043.3
Dell AIO 926 Photo3.92.6
Epson Stylus CX60002.92.1
HP Photosmart C41803.42.9
Lexmark X54703.82.4
Printing speed, photo mode (8½ x 11 in minutes/seconds)
ModelPrinting time4" x 6" photoPrinting time<>8½" x 11" photo
Canon Pixma MP5101 min 00 s2 min 44 s
Dell AIO 926 Photo1 min 58 s5 min 10 s
Epson Stylus CX60002 min 45 s7 min 16 s
HP Photosmart C418058 s3 min 54 s
Lexmark X54701 min 38 s4 min 38 s
Scanning speed (8½ x 11 color document, in seconds)
ModelPreview300 dpi600 dpi
Canon Pixma MP5106 s17 s66 s
Dell AIO 926 Photo11 s34 s122 s
Epson Stylus CX60009 s34 s102 s
HP Photosmart C41806 s38 s148 s
Lexmark X54708 s32 s108 s
Speed, color and monochrome copying (8½ x 11 document, in seconds)
Canon Pixma MP51014 s31 s
Dell AIO 926 Photo28 s42 s
Epson Stylus CX600048 s69 s
HP Photosmart C418029 s42 s
Lexmark X547038 s49 s

Cost Per Page

Cost per page in text mode (in cents)
ModelBlack text5% coverageColor document25% coverage
Canon Pixma MP5102.6 cents16.8 cents
Dell AIO 926 Photo10.3 cents32.2 cents
Epson Stylus CX60005.2 cents16.8 cents
HP Photosmart C41807.7 cents23.2 cents
Lexmark X54707.7 cents19.4 cents
Cost per page in photo mode (using average-quality paper)
Model4" x 6" photo8½" x 11" photo
Canon Pixma MP51036 cents$1.30
Dell AIO 926 Photo52 cents$1.92
Epson Stylus CX600036 cents$1.32
HP Photosmart C418043 cents$1.56
Lexmark X547039 cents$1.41