Multifunction Printers Under $150

Canon Pixma MP510

The Canon Pixma MP510 all-in-one printer has some very impressive shoes to fill: those of the Pixma MP500, one of the best products of the preceding generation regardless of brand. Despite their very similar names, the two models don't really play in the same league, and we can't help being slightly disappointed in this new unit. While it delivered very satisfactory performance on average, it can't match the qualities of its predecessor, which remains a good choice.

Functions And Ergonomics

The main changes are in the area of ergonomics. The LCD display is still there, but its size is only 2 inches. That's a tad small for viewing photos stored on memory cards, and even for navigating the menus. The display, like the rest of the control panel, is hidden behind a flap on the right side of the printer, which is a nice aesthetic touch.

Another noticeable change is that duplex and CD/DVD printing are gone. Canon seems to have wanted to save money, and it shows in the purchase price, but it left us feeling short-changed. One improvement over the Pixma 500, though, is that the memory slots are much better placed. This multifunction also has the double paper-loading system, with a lower tray for plain paper and an upper one for photo paper.

Print Quality

The biggest change is with the printing head. Surprisingly, Canon has decided to do away with the fifth, photo-dedicated black ink cartridge. That's a shame, because the pigmented ink offered real added value on highly-contrasted and shaded areas - we noticed the difference with the first photo we printed. The colors are still just as glowing, but the overall quality isn't as good, though still quite decent, we'll hasten to add. The resolution has also been decreased, from 9600 to 4800 dpi.

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