The GeForce 7800GS Shows AGP Ain't Dead Yet

A Breath Of Fresh Air

The graphics world has been on fire for the past year. Over the span of three months we have seen new top cards play tug-o-war for the flag on their side. This is a fantastic thing for the consumer as it drives prices down. However, what about those who still own an AGP motherboard? These enthusiasts have been forced to hope and pray that AIB (Add-In-Board) vendors will take these PCIe parts and cross the technological crevasse to AGP.

Is the situation really that dire? No, but for the passionate enthusiast it can be a significant purchase to move from an AGP platform to PCIe. Not only is there the investment of a high-end graphics card for several hundred dollars but there is the acquisition of a new motherboard, CPU and even new memory modules and a power supply.

It has been a long time since the big two focused on AGP designs. There have been tens of millions of AGP boards that have been left with no upgrade path.

Today, however, NVIDIA has heeded the cries of the AGP install base and came to their call. NVIDIA redesigned the G70 in order to give AGP customers what they wanted, a GeForce 7 series card in a form factor they could use. GeForce 7800GS is its model name and retro is its game. Don't be fooled into thinking this is not a good card because it is in an AGP shell. As we will show, AGP still has life left in it.