New NVIDIA Detonator 3 Drivers For Linux

Detonator 3 Vs. Detonator 2 - Quake 3 Arena

This results-group may is a bit more interesting. Can NVIDIA sustain the claim that the Detonator 3 driver set increases the 3D-performance of their chips? We compared Detonator 2 with Detonator 3 under Linux as well as Windows 2000.

Low Resolution, High Color

You can indeed notice a very minimal improvement at this low resolution. There's no doubt that the Linux-driver 0.94 (Detonator 2) was indeed improved to 0.95 (Detonator 3) for OpenGL-gaming.

The improvements Det2 to Det3 under Windows 2000 are similar to Linux. It's not much, but it's noticeable.