New NVIDIA Detonator 3 Drivers For Linux

Linux Vs. Windows 2000 - SPECviewperf 6.1.2

The situation under SPECviewperf is different to Quake 3 Arena. While the latter is 'just' an OpenGL 3D-game, SPECviewperf is testing OpenGL-performance with professional applications. The test runs in windows at a desktop-resolution of 1600x1200x32-bit color, so the 3D-chip has to deliver some serious 3D-power. Integrated transform and lighting as well as memory bandwidth, but also well-designed drivers are the keys for high scores.

Detonator 2

These scores under Advanced Visualizer are symptomatic for all but one of the tests. The Linux-performance is 5-20% behind Windows2000.

medMCAD is the only test where the Linux Detonator 2 driver can actually surpass its Windows2000 competition with the two Quadro cards and surprisingly also the GeForce 2 MX.