OCZ Attempts to Step Up the Clock Pace with DDR400 Module

OCZ EL DDR PC-4000 Gold Edition Dual Channel Kit

Users determined to eke the last ounce of performance out of their systems will find their needs satisfied by OCZ. The memory specialist exclusively targets performance freaks and overclockers.

We were sent the memory kit with the long name EL DDR PC4000 Gold Edition Dual Channel Kit, which consists of two DIMM modules each with 512 MB that guarantee clock rates of up to 500 MHz (PC4000). These DIMMs distinguish themselves from previous OCZ modules by improved timings. While most high-speed memory can only run at 8-4-4 and CL 3.0, the PC4000 Gold Edition Dual Channel Kit is on the record at 7-4-4 and CL 2.5. The manufacturer's website points out that in some cases faster timings can be achieved: up to 5-4-4 and CL 2.5. We managed 6-4-4 in our test.

On the technical side, the incredibly high supply voltage of 2.8 V is also conspicuous - 2.5 or 2.6 V is usual for DDR memory. The data specs, by the way, say that up to 3.0 V is possible, leaving plenty of scope for overclocking attempts. The gold heatspreaders should ensure improved transfer of heat but are primarily there for good looks and adding to OCZ's recognition score.