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One Open-E Flash Module + One IDE Interface Equals NAS Storage

Hardware Control

The status display shows which network and IDE controllers are available and can be used for the NAS server. In the case of the NAS 2.0 flash module, the connected RAID controllers are listed, too.

Under Status | devices, the NAS server displays the hardware with which it is equipped.

Specifications Of The Flash Module

Hardware requirements
NAS SohoNAS 2.0
x86 - compatible PCx86 - compatible PC
Network cardNetwork card
CPU 600 MHz Pentium III upwardCPU 800 MHz Pentium III upward
IDE portHardware RAID controller3 WareAdaptecICP VortexIntel
Supported client OS
Microsoft WindowsMicrosoft Windows
Apple OS XApple OS X
Network transport protocols
Network file protocols
SMB Server Message BlockSMB Server Message Block
CIFS Common Internet File SystemCIFS Common Internet File System
FTP File Transfer ProtocolFTP File Transfer Protocol
NFS Network File System