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One Open-E Flash Module + One IDE Interface Equals NAS Storage

The NAS server can be configured using any web browser. Keying in http://ancom calls up a password query mask and then the main menu. The NAS server is configured in the four submenus, while a further menu serves as a help function. The resources menu item is for setting up users and groups and for creating directories on the connected hard drive. The drive should logically be allocated to the server and formatted beforehand under Setup | Disk manager.

To allow different users to access the NAS server, they have to be set up via the Web interface. Each user can be assigned individual rights for the NAS server. It is also possible to assign each individual user his/her own subdirectories. This is easier to do if a user group is set up first and then used as the basis for the individual users. It is also possible to allocate several directories or hard drives. Data access can also be restricted to read-only.

After logging in, the main menu of the Soho server appears.

Each user can be assigned individual rights to the NAS server.

Groups or users share data directories via a shared access.