One Open-E Flash Module + One IDE Interface Equals NAS Storage

Your Very Own NAS Server In Only Five Minutes

First of all, what in the heck is an NAS (Network Attached Storage) server anyway? NAS, which offers ample storage space, allows any user to write data to and read NAS data via a LAN connection. Normally, pre-configured NAS servers with 500 GBytes or more capacity can easily cost several thousand dollars.

Open-E proves there is a cheaper and quicker alternative with the two IDE flash modules NAS 2.0 and NAS Soho, which differ only in controller support. While the Soho module is only compatible with onboard IDE controllers, the NAS 2.0 module can manage IDE, SCSI and serial ATA RAID controllers.

The Soho module is completely sufficient for use at home or in smaller networks. For larger companies that also need to keep an eye on data security, i.e. RAID, only the NAS-2.0 module is an option.

This flash module holds the license-free NAS server operating system.

Siggy Moersch