Overburning: 100 Minutes On An Audio CD

Field Test - High-End CD Players And Car Stereos

We tested our self-made audio CDs in several high-tech car stereo systems and in a high-end CD player in a home stereo.

Testing the playback of an oversized CD in a stereo system.

The playback time of a 100 minute-long music CD is displayed incorrectly. But this doesn't affect the playback itself. This audio CD holds a total of 100:01 minutes of music.

A CD-R99 disc during playback.

An overburned CD-R90 with a total of 92:06 minutes of music.

An overburned CD-R80 with a total of 82:58 minutes of music.

An overburned CD-R74 with a total of 74:03 minutes of music.