Overburning: 100 Minutes On An Audio CD

Problems With Write Speeds: 1x And 2x A Rarity

We came across a peculiar problem during our test. Although some CD burners, such as the Asus CRW-3212A, are mechanically capable of writing to CD-R99 blanks, any burning plans that you may have for them are doomed to utter failure due to their higher write speeds.

Basically, it is essential that your burner write to CDs at the lowest speed possible, particularly when it comes to burning in the sensitive external regions of the CD. However, the current batch of burners, including the Asus CRW-3212A, bottom out at a write speed of 4x. Having discovered this, we worked with two older LG burners (LG GCW 8160B and LG CGRW-8084) that also permit writing to CDs at 2x.

Mini-CD/RW - 21 Minutes Of Music Of 185 MB Data

Package with black mini CD/RW for 21 minutes of music of 185 MB data.

A CD RW21 mini CD.

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