Overcloking the Voodoo2 - Is it Worth It ?


Overclocking of the Voodoo2 is something that doesn't necessarily give you any advantage by on the other hand putting you at risk of system failure or board damage. The benchmark results should give you a good idea about what you can expect. I did not include any overclocking benchmark results of a Socket 7 system, simply because it doesn't make any difference in the systems at which clock speed above 80 MHz the Voodoo2 is running. You might as well underclock it, not finding any speed difference but keeping the chip cooler.

In systems with a Pentium II 266 or higher you can get an improve in frame rate mainly at the highest possible resolution, which is where the Voodoo2 is busy rendering rather than waiting for the CPU. In this case the increase in frame rate can even reach the amount of the difference in clock speed.

Rage's Incoming Lux Et Robur Benchmarking Suite

SLI shifts the significance of overclocking from 800x600 to 1024x768.