No More Penny-Pinching: Seven Mini-PCs On The Catwalk

No More Penny-pinching: Bare-bones Models From Biostar, Shuttle And Soltek

No more penny-pinching! At least not for buyers who know better than to keep an eye out for a would-be bargain at some discount chain. Two words go round and round in the naive buyer's head: Megahertz Gigabyte- and it still is not the performance you wanted? In no time, the customer understands - a $1000 (900 Euro) PC from the grocery store is not the best choice. And who would settle for an ugly metal box that, on top of everything else, has been optimized down to the last budget cent - with "price point" as the key concept? THG has warned against buying this kind of cash-and-carry item often enough in the past few years. Anyone who has trouble warming up to a $1000 budget-box will find a broad selection of mini-PCs that offer top-rate performance and are nice to look at.

The usual picture: ports on mini-PCs