No More Penny-Pinching: Seven Mini-PCs On The Catwalk

Aopen XC Cube EZ65309, Continued

Otherwise the bare-bones system has all important functions already integrated: In addition to the usual USB 2 interface, there is also FireWire (IEEE1394), 5.1 audio, two memory slots for dual DDR400, analog and digital SP/DIF audio ports and even two serial-ATA ports for hard disks. The solution with GBit LAN, which no other candidate can offer, deserves special attention. Unlike the competition, Aopen equips its bare-bones with an LPT interface - after all, not every user has a printer with a USB interface. Also worth mentioning is the TV-out for using the system as a DVD or Divx player. A TV card can be added with the open PCI slot.

CPU fan developed specifically for the bare-bones

Neatly tied back cables and built-in CPU fan

Now a GeForce-FX card comes built-in

Lateral view of the Aopen XC Cube