No More Penny-Pinching: Seven Mini-PCs On The Catwalk

Biostar IDEQ 200A, Continued

Modern hard disks come with two SATA 150 interfaces on the board. Those who have a printer with a parallel connection can bring out the interface on the board - this is not a factory setting. An old cable from a standard AT mainboard from the 90s works too. What more could the demanding user want? Maybe a TV output for watching DVD and Divx videos on a home TV or projector? The ATI graphics would offer a good basis for that.

CPU cooler with integrated heat pipe

New: Plastic ventilation system between the CPU cooler and the case fan

A brief summary: CPU cooling by heat pipe with ventilation system, cleanly tucked away cables and IGP9100 graphics for the P4 platform provide an interesting bare-bones system attired in a black outfit. Weaknesses, in detail: The sliding panel on the front prevents media from being ejected, and the power supply could, in the future, be somewhat better.