The Pentium D: Intel's Dual Core Silver Bullet Previewed


In our benchmark we have used LAME 3.97 alpha. This code is not part of the mainstream code of LAME. The code was developed by Gilad Raichshtain a Computer Engineering student in the faculty of Electrical Engineering at the Technion University, Israel. If you wanna read more about Gilad's Lame MT project follow the Link to his website LAME MT .


  • DaveF1953
    How much can the Extreme Edition be had for now? $40? Sounds like a deal to me. Although, older, hotter, and slower in the long run. Best bet now. No?
  • wild9
    I'd just go AMD or Core 2, the former having a much lower power draw and great overclocking potential than what you have here. My relative used to run Intel Extreme Editions like this, and the power draw was immense, he had to use water cooling. In the end he ditched it and got AMD. Not trying to say one is better than the other all the time (ie for media encoding the Intel was great), just some ideas to consider. Cheap dual-core AMD's based on AM2 are hard to beat at the moment.