Photo Printers: Canon S900 and S9000


The start of a new year seems to have given Canon the inspiration to pull out all the stops in its inkjet printer offerings. While Canon's competition is remarkable for its absence (i.e., none of them announced any new products), the Japanese manufacturer has launched no less than six new models.

Three of the six are desktop products:

  • The S200 replaces the (mediocre) S100;

  • The S520 supersedes the S500;

  • The S750 does away with the S630.

The other three are photo-dedicated:

The S820 is the "in" thing nowadays, since it is a stand-alone product. That being said, it has the same characteristics as its predecessor, the S800. So, there's not much new there. The two really novel printers are the S900 and S9000, which have three new features to offer:

  • The number of nozzles has doubled. This means that printout times, already faster with the brand's older model, leave the competition in the dust.
  • Border-free printing.
  • Border-free A3+ photo printing (S9000).
  • PissedOff
    Yes! Excellent page Tom - but now tell use how to fix the sucker. I've done all the ink pad clean out and resetting routines - all to no avail. The orange light keeps steadily to it's seven blink routine. I've had the head off - replaced it after repeating the resets - still the seven orange blinking lights. ANY THOUGHTS AT ALL ON THIS OVERWHELMINGLY SOUGHT AFTER REPAIR SUBJECT?