Project CARS 2 Performance Review


With Project CARS 2, Slightly Mad Studios offers a very attractive racing game that sports amazing realism and advanced graphics rendering.

Naturally, you'll need a beefy graphics card to fully take advantage of what it has to offer. Forget about mid-range cards like the Radeon RX 460/560 and GeForce GTX 1050. They hit their limits before you're able to dial this game's detail settings up to where they should be. At the same time, you want a CPU with at least four physical cores.

Room for Additional Optimizations

As usual, when it comes to game benchmarking, high clock rates are better. And that's one of the issues we have with Project CARS 2: it doesn't seem like much was done to take advantage of CPUs with higher core counts. Where other games more uniformly utilize our six-core Ryzen-based test platform, Project CARS 2 leans heavily on a single core.

Thus, the improved weather modeling proves to be both an advantage and an inconvenience: extremely realistic, this technology is also hungry for hardware resources. It can bring even mainstream hardware to its knees.

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Project CARS 2