Radeon X1900XTX à la Diamond Multimedia and Viking

Remember The Titans?

We have seen impressive advancements in the world of PC graphics this year, which has transferred into a lot of good news for the consumer. As new products hit the market, older cards of previous generations drop in price and become more affordable for a wider consumer base. To go back to my days of economics, this effect is considered an increase of supply, as there are similar choices that yield similar utility (enjoyment) for the buyer. This, coupled with new high-end products, drives the price of cards down, which is further accelerated by increased competition. .

As the margins for existing products slide, companies need to find new sources of revenue to make profits. With an expanding product set, companies can generate greater sales. More sales should mean more profit. This brings us to today's article.

We have received Radeon X1900XTX based graphics cards from Diamond Multimedia and Viking InterWorks. If you recall, both companies sold graphics cards for the high-end sector and then disappeared. Well, they are back.

The introduction of more product suppliers means that there should be even more competition and this can only mean more benefits for the consumer, as price wars and rebates allow consumers yet another avenue to obtain better graphics cards at a convenient price.

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