Rage: Performance Analysis On The PC

Rage: A Glitchy Game, Patched, Looks Much Better

It’s a real shame that Rage suffered some significant missteps at launch. It offers satisfying game play, attractive graphics, and meager performance requirements. In that regard, it would have been a very accessible title for mainstream and hardcore gamers alike. However, driver glitches stripped it of much-deserved glory on release.

The information we've seen suggests that id deserves at least some of the blame for keeping testing internal, although a botched driver release from AMD couldn't have helped. Had the graphics card manufacturers been given earlier access to Rage before launch, there's a fair chance both companies wouldn't have been left scrambling to release (and re-release) hardware drivers capable of enabling a positive experience. PC gamers could have enjoyed the title when it hit the shelves, just like console fans. Instead...well, we all know the story.

Even still, I liked Rage. Unlike Doom 3 and most of id's previous releases, Rage includes RPG elements, diverse FPS and driving components, and a solid narrative. In a world where Fallout and Borderlands already established a high standard for the post-apocalyptic open world genre, Rage manages to give its own two cents without coming across like a wannabe clone.

So what's the problem? From a PC perspective, we're bothered by the lack of control over visual results. It’s hard not to be hurt by id’s choices when computer gamers are all-too-often forced to put up with substandard console ports. When the company that put PC gaming on the map does the math and decides that consoles will make up more than two-thirds of its sales, relegating the PC to second-class citizen status, it feels like we’ve lost one of our greatest allies. Yes, we're pleased that the studio went back after the fact to add extra anisotropic filtering and texture resolution controls through a patch. But money talks, and id has shown us the direction it plans to take moving forward.

At the end of the day, Rage is still worth playing. In the days after its launch, both AMD and Nvidia (along with id) greatly improved the game's experience on a PC. Thanks to a fairly modest playability requirements on consoles, you don't need much PC firepower to push this one as far it'll go, too. Just make sure you grab the latest beta drivers, first.

  • MasterMace
    This is an instance of a company making a game for consoles and expecting it to work in PCs. This company will be abandoned by PC gamers, and it will settle in on the consoles. Eventually, they'll die off or change, just like the Red Faction series. This applies for the graphics and the quality of the game.
  • crisan_tiberiu
    Piracy doesn't make the PC world very atractive. Thats the only reason why game developers turn away from the PC, they dont make money.
  • amirp
    I believe there may be a typo, 6570 should be 6670 in the charts? I'm not sure though.
  • dragonsqrrl
    mmmm... poorly optimized console ports... does a body good.
  • dbonetrain
    9521547 said:
    Piracy doesn't make the PC world very atractive. Thats the only reason why game developers turn away from the PC, they dont make money.

    Carmack said they make for the consoles is for money. You are mistaken if you think piracy is what drives developers away from the PC.
  • cbeermann
    Any1 know why its running so bad on my PC. I have a Phenom X2 550 3.1 Ghz, and a HD 6950.According to this review, it should be able to run it fine but whenever im playing my CPU is at 100% and it runs choppy as hell. I've installed the new RAGE performance driver, as well as that 11.10 thing, neither helped. I added the cache folder for textures, still choppy. I am curious however, that since I have my Steam on my K drive and not on my C if that could be screwing with the cache, anyone know?
  • dlsmoker
    You missing that console games too are downloaded "illegal", don't think that only pc games are.
  • Darkerson
    This game was a big "meh" for me. Hopefully they do a better job on the next game they make.
  • rottingsheep

    a phenom dual core is enough.
  • killerclick
    MasterMaceThis company will be abandoned by PC gamers
    You mean Bethesda? I've already broken up with my girlfriend so I don't have to make up illnesses when Skyrim comes out on 11.11.11

    Or did you mean id Software? In which case you're right, they can go to hell.