Rambus Is Alive: SiS 658 In An Exclusive Test

Abit SI7 (Charle Hsieh) - Board With The SiS 658 Chipset

The Abit SI7 is the first board to feature an SiS 658 chipset. It supports RDRAM memory in conjunction with the Intel Pentium 4.

Abit SI7: Apart from the Northbridge being equipped with a cooler, this board features serial ATA, gigabit LAN, digital sound and a status segment LED.

With this board, the developer, Charle Hsieh, has immortalized himself.

Status LED integrated on the board in the form of a segment display.

Up to the time of the first lab test on the SiS658 chipset some 6 months have now passed. At the IDF 2002 in San Jose last fall, this chipset was on display for the first time when its partner Rambus presented the boards at its booth. It is also remarkable that, up until now, no reference board from SiS has arrived in our Munich lab. Perhaps the chip manufacturer is focusing his efforts on the forthcoming 659 chipset, since the SiS 655 for the dual DDR platform was less able to convince us. In saying that, Abit instantly sent us two identical SI7 boards, equipped with the new 658 chipset and a memory bundle PC4800. It is interesting that the developer has immortalized himself by inscribing "Charle Hsieh" in mirror writing on the back of the board.