Ready For the Masses - Video Editing With Matrox RT2000

Digital Editing - Ready For The Masses

Editing videos on a PC will soon be as natural as burning audio CDs. The times when you had to purchase a 50.000 dollar studio system for video editing are definitely over. Matrox now offers digital video equipment which comes a lot cheaper. The RT2000 is avaiblabe at just $1099 in the U.S.

Video editing is on the rise. No wonder, users that decide to buy a new camera go more often for a digital solution instead of an analog one. The advantages are obvious. Digital video cameras offer better quality as they do not use analog tapes. Especially when you want to copy or edit your clips, you can do that with virtually no loss in quality as seen on analog tapes.

Most of these cameras use the widely accepted DV format and are equipped with a Firewire interface (IEEE-1394). With Firewire it is very easy to transfer video clips onto your PC. The Matrox RT2000 has got a 1394 interface that can be connected with many DV cameras such as Panasonic DVCPRO, Sony DVCAM, Sony Digital-8 or models from JVC and Sharp.