Reliable Business Partners: Three Ultra320 Hard Drives at 10,000 RPM

Seagate Cheetah 10K.6

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Seagate Cheetak 10K.6Header Cell - Column 1
Models, capacitiesST336607, 37 GBST373307, 74 GBST3146807, 147 GB
Rotation speed10,000 rpm
Cache8 MB
Seek time4.7 ms
Operating temperatureEnvironment: max. 55 °C
Warranty5 years

The jumpers on the Seagate drive are all placed within easy reach on the back. The two other candidates have their jumpers right in the middle of their undersides, so you have to remove the drives in order to reconfigure them.

There's an 8 MB cache on Seagate as well. This time, Micron provides the 64-Mbit chip.