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Hard Drives, Yesterday And Today: From 500 GB To 1.5 TB

Power Requirements

Samsung Specifications

Spinpoint T166Spinpoint F1  EGSpinpoint F2 EG
Seek10.6 W5.6 W5.7 W
Read / Write9.5 W6.2 W6.3 W
Idle8.2 W5.0 W5.1 W
Stand By0.7 W / 1.2 W0.5 W / 0.8 W1 W

Test Results

We measured low power idle after 10 minutes of drive inactivity with the spindle motor still running. We measured lower power requirements than Samsung, but the results still make very clear that the EcoGreen drives do consume considerably less power when they’re just running idle.

At peak sequential throughput, the EcoGreen drives are close to what Samsung specified as seek power. Again, the Spinpoint T166 requires much more power.

Video playback limits the activity to a given stream and bit rate. Our benchmark simply plays H.264 FullHD video off the drives. In such a case, the EcoGreen drives at 5,400 RPM require nearly 50% less power than the Spinpoint T166.

With workstation I/O activity, the proportion remains the same. 5,400 RPM (EcoGreen) means a low power requirement, while the older T166 drive consumed much more.